We had to send our Angel home to Rainbow Bridge October 17, 2014. We adopted our sweet Shebah in February 2001. Though her adoption booklet (which we still have) does not give a birthday, only her vaccine date of 12/10/2000, we decided her birthdate was 12/1/1999. She would have been 15 this past December and we wish she could have made yet another milestone with us, but that is not to be. Her dementia and weakness in her back legs stole her from us over the last 2 years. I had to stop being selfish for me and be truthful to her. I promise you Shebah has been the best dog we have ever had, she has nurtured our 5 other dogs, and helped raise our human son. She has never pottied in the house, and never met a stranger. She was so very special and we pray every day how lucky we were to find her in the area of the shelter with the big dogs that Saturday, just looking at us so sweetly. She has been my rock and my sweet baby for 13.75 years and I can say I cannot stop crying at the loss of her presence. My heart has not stopped aching and the tears keep coming. I am not sure I was ready to say good bye. You got your t-bone steak, chocolate bar, donut and lots of love on that day but more than any other day. You were so good that day which made this so very hard. It is a decision I never wanted to make, but had to make for your safety. PLEASE BABY GIRL, HELP MOMMY TO AT LEAST STOP CRYING. -- Tammi A.