When I got Max, I was a truck driver with a Shih Tzu named Bo, who would go on the truck with me.  One day Bo decided he would rather stay home with my mom and dad, so I got Max.  He was 6 weeks old.  There were two puppies left in the litter, and I wanted a girl.  My dad went with me, and the little girl dog just lay on the bed, and the little boy dog came running over.  My dad said "That's the one you want".  So that's the one I got.

Max was probably the best dog I have ever owned.  He loved going on the truck, he never made a "mess" in it.  Later when I had to leave truck driving because I was diagnosed Diabetic, I remarried, and the man I married had a Chihuahua.  Through our nine years of marriage, Max was the gracious host every time we lost a dog and brought another one into the home.  Through it all he had 6 different house mates, and never once seemed to care that he didn't get all the attention. 

I miss the times he would sit on my lap, and I'd say "Give me love" and he'd lay his head against my chest and cuddle.  He was special beyond words. I love you Max.

-- Dortha G.