I received a call about Scooter needing a rescue. I made the call and scheduled a pick up time. When I arrived at the home they also wanted to surrender Scooter's dad Oscar. I could not say no. They were both so sick and I was afraid neither would make it to the vet. Scooter was very aggressive at first, but ended up being such a love bug.  I still have his dad and he is 17 years old.  - Sherry Y.


Gustav was my heart dog. Gustav was my first rescue. He came to me abused and terrified. It took him months to learn to trust and love again. He was always there for me no matter what. He was spoiled and he didn't get his way he could pout for days. Gustav loved the beach as much as I did. He visited nursing homes and enjoyed the attention.  - Sherry Y.


"I adopted Brandi when her former mom no longer wanted her. She cried for 2 weeks and then finally decided she would be the "new boss". She was bossy and told the others what to do. I only had Brandi for 6 short months when she died unexpectedly."  - Sherry Y.



I adopted Harley and his brother Chopper a few months after losing Brandi. They were litter mates and a true hand full. They had so many issues and were so shy. I was trying to potty train them and would give treats when they came back inside. One day Harley finally spoke up and demanded his treat. It was just the beginning of things to come. Harley developed such a great personality and was the clown of the house. He was so happy and loved all of the other dogs.   - Sherry Y.


I adopted Bacall along with her brother, Bogart in 1992. The siblings were abandoned so I adopted them both together.  A year later, Gable joined the family after someone threw him out of a car when he was a kitten. True to their names, they were regular movie stars! They lived with me in Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Georgia. Eventually, we moved to Charlotte. Although I lost both Bogart and Gable, Bacall was the one constant.  Tracy, Hepburn, Rover and TC soon joined the family but Bacall was always the one who ran the household! She was the ultimate lap cat and was quite the talker! She lived to be 22 and every year with her was wonderful. I still miss her.    

- Ann H.


When I got Max, I was a truck driver with a Shih Tzu named Bo, who would go on the truck with me.  One day Bo decided he would rather stay home with my mom and dad, so I got Max.  He was 6 weeks old.  There were two puppies left in the litter, and I wanted a girl.  My dad went with me, and the little girl dog just lay on the bed, and the little boy dog came running over.  My dad said "That's the one you want".  So that's the one I got.

Max was probably the best dog I have ever owned.  He loved going on the truck, he never made a "mess" in it.  Later when I had to leave truck driving because I was diagnosed Diabetic, I remarried, and the man I married had a Chihuahua.  Through our nine years of marriage, Max was the gracious host every time we lost a dog and brought another one into the home.  Through it all he had 6 different house mates, and never once seemed to care that he didn't get all the attention. 

I miss the times he would sit on my lap, and I'd say "Give me love" and he'd lay his head against my chest and cuddle.  He was special beyond words. I love you Max.

-- Dortha G.


We had to send our Angel home to Rainbow Bridge October 17, 2014. We adopted our sweet Shebah in February 2001. Though her adoption booklet (which we still have) does not give a birthday, only her vaccine date of 12/10/2000, we decided her birthdate was 12/1/1999. She would have been 15 this past December and we wish she could have made yet another milestone with us, but that is not to be. Her dementia and weakness in her back legs stole her from us over the last 2 years. I had to stop being selfish for me and be truthful to her. I promise you Shebah has been the best dog we have ever had, she has nurtured our 5 other dogs, and helped raise our human son. She has never pottied in the house, and never met a stranger. She was so very special and we pray every day how lucky we were to find her in the area of the shelter with the big dogs that Saturday, just looking at us so sweetly. She has been my rock and my sweet baby for 13.75 years and I can say I cannot stop crying at the loss of her presence. My heart has not stopped aching and the tears keep coming. I am not sure I was ready to say good bye. You got your t-bone steak, chocolate bar, donut and lots of love on that day but more than any other day. You were so good that day which made this so very hard. It is a decision I never wanted to make, but had to make for your safety. PLEASE BABY GIRL, HELP MOMMY TO AT LEAST STOP CRYING. -- Tammi A.


Roxy was by my side for 15 years. Through the good and the bad she was always with me. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.

- Dawnette M.


What can I say about Jake?  He was my boy.  He was so big -- in body and in spirit!  He was a Chesapeake/Lab mix, and he seemed ferocious when he barked.  But he was really goofy and drooled over most everyone he met.  Even though he was a big puppy at heart, he always had my back.   Cancer took him way too soon (he was 8 years young).  We miss him every day.

- Dawn F.

Jake 12.13.14.jpg


Here is our girl Kodi.  You can tell from the first picture that she loved to play.  She was really sure every dog she ever met, no matter how big or small, desperately wanted to play with her RIGHT NOW.  The second picture is of her sitting on our front porch.  Most Friday’s you can find us there or walking in the neighborhood.  She learned to sit very quietly at your feet while we ate dinner out at a restaurant or happily greet visitors on the porch.

We rescued her from the pound when she was less than a year old.  She seemed so calm and sweet when we saw her and they thought she was about 2 years old.  We thought that was perfect because since both of us worked, we knew we couldn’t handle a puppy.  When we got her home, she ran circles around our house and our backyard.  We couldn’t even catch her in the living room!  About a month later at a vet appointment we found she had a microchip.  It was registered to a shelter over 100 miles away from our house where she had been chipped because she had escaped from her previous owners and showed up at the shelter so many times already.  She was quite the escape artist!  We assume she ran the 100 miles but will never know.  Turns out she was only 9 months old, which certainly explains all the energy. 

A couple of months after Kodi came into our lives, Phil was diagnosed with cancer.  The two of them spent the majority of the next 6 months hanging out together through surgery, radiation and chemo.  The wild young husky that we were concerned we couldn’t handle, would lay by his side all day long.  She knew he didn’t feel well and wanted to help.  Of course, she went crazy when I got home from work because she had held in all that energy as long as she possibly could.  As he recuperated Kodi and Phil became inseparable.   We both believe that fighting cancer is a team sport and we know that Kodi was part of our team.  He likes to say that we saved her life so she could help save his. 

--- Joy G.


Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet Jules.  These were both taken in her last year here with us.  She was 17 years old when she crossed the bridge and had been with me for 14 of these years.  She came from a rescue called Project Halo and I called her my angel. Thank you for working on my piece. 

- Natalie

Jules 2.JPG


Mo was one of my Sheltie Rescue dogs.  I pulled him out of the Lexington Shelter, an oversized, gentle saint of a dog.  The vet estimated him at 9 years old.  When I pulled him from the shelter, he had a severe case of heartworms and his coat was reddish and in horrible shape from bad food and overexposure to the sun.  Mo stayed with me.  He was never adopted because no one wanted a 9 year old dog. He came through the heartworm treatment and survived mast cell cancer.  He became a registered Delta Society therapy dog and brought his own brand of gentle concern to the residents of nursing homes and at bite prevention programs.  He lived for five more years, repaying his second chance at life.  We lost him, because his heart had been damaged by the heartworms and the damage eventually took its toll.  A sweet gentle giant of a Sheltie, Mo always had a smile on his face and a happily, circling wag of his tail.  We will always miss you, Mo-Man.

--- Phyllis B.


This was my Laddie, "Mistylain's Celtic Wee Lad, CDX,RE, AX, AXJ, NJP, EJC-JH, EAC-JH, NGC, CGC, BHI, Delta Society Pet Partner".  My once-in-a-lifetime dog.  My heart dog.  The dog who inspired me to start SC Sheltie Rescue.  He changed my life.  He introduced me to the world of positive training, which has led me to my second career of dog training. He was my daughter's loving companion and eased her through those difficult middle school years. There was no need for words, we understood each other, always.  I lost him too soon from bladder cancer when he was nearly 12 years old.  My heart hurts every day from missing him.

I created a video tribute to him at:

"Every once in a while, a dog enters your life and changes everything." RiP my Laddie.

--- Phyllis B.

Tater Tot, Nicklaus & Taylor

Shown here are Tater Tot and Nicklaus on "their" couch.  Tater Tot loved to eat so he would pick up his food bowl all the time like a toy. He was just a loving, super happy dog. We adopted him from a shelter when he was older.  He truly enjoyed his new life with us.  I got Nick as a puppy and he was always the "good" dog, could do no wrong.  Since he was yellow, we used to joke he was "the golden one."  Taylor, although not in the photo, was another yellow lab.  He looked a lot like Nick, which was part of the reason I took him in.  He was brought into the hospital with many ticks and heartworm positive, so the good samaritans said that was too much to take on. Their loss was my gain. He lived every moment to its fullest and made me laugh.  He just made me happy every day he was with us.  We miss them all, but Taylor is still greatly missed.

- Margaret P.


I rescued Ms. Thea (aka Althea) in February 1993. She was in a room full of kitties at her foster mom’s house. I knew she was the one when she came over, crawled into my lap, looked up at me with her big green eyes, and started up her rumble purr. Ms. Thea and I were together, through thick + thin for fifteen years, through many moves across Connecticut and North Carolina, and to her final home with me in Charlotte, NC. She greeted me at the door every time I came home, and slept with me every night. She was my little buddy. I still miss her today. I’m looking forward to receiving my pendant from Rainbow Bridge to keep her close to my heart.  --- Melissa H.



Even though our sweet Violet was only with us for a short five years, she touched our lives in so many ways.  We will never forget her smile, soft ears, nurturing ways and love of sitting on the back deck eagerly awaiting the arrival of squirrels and birds to chase.  - Sara & Jeff