Here is our girl Kodi.  You can tell from the first picture that she loved to play.  She was really sure every dog she ever met, no matter how big or small, desperately wanted to play with her RIGHT NOW.  The second picture is of her sitting on our front porch.  Most Friday’s you can find us there or walking in the neighborhood.  She learned to sit very quietly at your feet while we ate dinner out at a restaurant or happily greet visitors on the porch.

We rescued her from the pound when she was less than a year old.  She seemed so calm and sweet when we saw her and they thought she was about 2 years old.  We thought that was perfect because since both of us worked, we knew we couldn’t handle a puppy.  When we got her home, she ran circles around our house and our backyard.  We couldn’t even catch her in the living room!  About a month later at a vet appointment we found she had a microchip.  It was registered to a shelter over 100 miles away from our house where she had been chipped because she had escaped from her previous owners and showed up at the shelter so many times already.  She was quite the escape artist!  We assume she ran the 100 miles but will never know.  Turns out she was only 9 months old, which certainly explains all the energy. 

A couple of months after Kodi came into our lives, Phil was diagnosed with cancer.  The two of them spent the majority of the next 6 months hanging out together through surgery, radiation and chemo.  The wild young husky that we were concerned we couldn’t handle, would lay by his side all day long.  She knew he didn’t feel well and wanted to help.  Of course, she went crazy when I got home from work because she had held in all that energy as long as she possibly could.  As he recuperated Kodi and Phil became inseparable.   We both believe that fighting cancer is a team sport and we know that Kodi was part of our team.  He likes to say that we saved her life so she could help save his. 

--- Joy G.