Tater Tot, Nicklaus & Taylor

Shown here are Tater Tot and Nicklaus on "their" couch.  Tater Tot loved to eat so he would pick up his food bowl all the time like a toy. He was just a loving, super happy dog. We adopted him from a shelter when he was older.  He truly enjoyed his new life with us.  I got Nick as a puppy and he was always the "good" dog, could do no wrong.  Since he was yellow, we used to joke he was "the golden one."  Taylor, although not in the photo, was another yellow lab.  He looked a lot like Nick, which was part of the reason I took him in.  He was brought into the hospital with many ticks and heartworm positive, so the good samaritans said that was too much to take on. Their loss was my gain. He lived every moment to its fullest and made me laugh.  He just made me happy every day he was with us.  We miss them all, but Taylor is still greatly missed.

- Margaret P.