Mo was one of my Sheltie Rescue dogs.  I pulled him out of the Lexington Shelter, an oversized, gentle saint of a dog.  The vet estimated him at 9 years old.  When I pulled him from the shelter, he had a severe case of heartworms and his coat was reddish and in horrible shape from bad food and overexposure to the sun.  Mo stayed with me.  He was never adopted because no one wanted a 9 year old dog. He came through the heartworm treatment and survived mast cell cancer.  He became a registered Delta Society therapy dog and brought his own brand of gentle concern to the residents of nursing homes and at bite prevention programs.  He lived for five more years, repaying his second chance at life.  We lost him, because his heart had been damaged by the heartworms and the damage eventually took its toll.  A sweet gentle giant of a Sheltie, Mo always had a smile on his face and a happily, circling wag of his tail.  We will always miss you, Mo-Man.

--- Phyllis B.