Custom, hand-crafted pet memorial jewelry

Our pets are family.  Although we never truly get over losing them, we eventually come far enough through the grief to realize just how important it is to remember and honor them.

Think of all the love they gave.  They greeted you each day coming home from work.  They snuggled with you each night, no matter your mood.  They stuck by you, loving you unconditionally despite all your quirks and eccentricities.  In good times and bad, they were there for you.  In fact, they were always there somehow knowing just when you needed them most.

Although you may not see them anymore, they are there…waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.  They are romping about healthy and playful, but looking forward to being reunited with you and held in your arms once again.

Until that special day, keep them close to your heart with beautiful, handcrafted, custom jewelry that captures their ongoing spirit.  Allow their beauty to live on through something very special made just for the two of you.

You deserve a lasting memorial made with love and compassion.  They deserve a tribute as beautiful and unique as they are.

Rainbow Bridge Designs was born from an intense love of animals combined with deep sympathy and empathy for those suffering such a profound loss.  I would be honored to create something special to allow the bond between you and your beloved pet to live on.